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We recently celebrated our 16-year anniversary!

In most cases only 5,000 mailers.

Weather you need 5,000 or 500,000 a week we have the facilities to handle any job, no matter the size.

We offer many mailer styles and have over 25 in stock cards that can be used "as-is" or mixed and matched to create an industry compliant responsive mail campaign. Or we can create something brand new exclusive for you.

Most campaigns require just 48-72 hours to print and fulfill depending on volume.

Financial Services, which includes Automotive Lending, Consumer Lending, Business Funding, and Mortgage Lending.

We are a wholesaler and work with Agencies or large individual financial institutions. If you are a dealer and want to mail our products, give us a call and we will refer you to one of the high-quality agencies that work with us.

We ship all over the country and have many shipping options from a standard drop, First Class, FedEx Freight to SCF, Comingle, and much more. Call for details.

Yes, we offer the ability to track your postal deliveries.

Yes, we have a state of the art IVR system that allows us to create custom messages and track every call or responder. Our IVR offers 4 ways for the prospect to respond which includes Call, Text, PURL, and/or QR Code. You can use one or all four options for each campaign.

This is on a case-by-case basis though and depends on prior payment history.

Advanced Frequently Asked Questions

The cards we use are top quality 30mm cards.  The same thickness and feel as the credit cards in your wallet.  These are proven to keep the attention of the recipient where as the cardboard or “membership” style cards don’t get near the response rate.

Just like a regular credit card, the lines are embossed and can have up to 3 lines personalized with variable data.

Yes, you can customize the printed card at no additional cost (this will take additional time however.)

A.R.D. is 100% legal and compliant. We have working relationships with the credit bureaus and industry attorneys to guarantee our mailers will always be legal and compliant.

Yes! We can provide Pre-Screen, ITA, Bankruptcy, Business, and Custom Data lists to mail to.


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